Comparative advantages

- Located along National Road N019, Nhon Hoa IP is only 24 km to Quy Nhon City, 25 km to Quy Nhon Seaport, 18 km to Phu Cat Airport, 11 km to Dieu Tri Railway Station, 7 km to National Road N01, 710 km to Ho Chi Minh City, 1,060 km to Ha Noi Capital and 290 km to Bo Y Border Gate.

Nhon Hoa IP

- Nhon Hoa IP has the total area of 324.37 hectares, in which, leasing area is 225.53 hectares.

BinhDinh copy

- Quy Nhon General Seaport, one of the ten biggest seaports in Vietnam, can receive big vessels of 50,000 DWT.

- There are 02 universities (including Quy Nhon University and Quang Trung University), many colleges and vocational centers in Binh Dinh Province, which can train many technical experts in machinery, electricity, electronics… and other industrial fields. They will be the human resources of good quality for investors in Nhon Hoa IP.