Nhon Hoa IP Together with Secondary Investors

While some industrial parks (IPs) in Binh Dinh Province are in condition of “ready ground waiting for investors”, Nhon Hoa IP has a quite fast speed of leased area. Nhon Hoa IP Infrastructure Company, as the main investors, is urgently carrying out the first phase extension of infrastructure construction with the purpose by the middle of June 2013 finishing the more areas serving secondary investors.

Being quite different from other IPs, in recent years under the effect of world crisis, Nhon Hoa IP still have strong attraction to investors. Only in a short time, 21 projects with the total investment of nearly VNĐ 1,500 billion have been handed over the investment certificate. Though it is not an outstanding number, it must be recorded in such a difficult time of economy like these days.

Starting a project, what investors think of at first is advantages. However, the selection from investors also belongs to many different factors, in which, creating good conditions for investor is the most important. Having defined this problem, Nhon Hoa IP Infrastructure Company has focused on infrastructure fulfillment in shortest time giving all good conditions and standing side by side with investors during the time of setting up and operating the project. The result is, though electric power was supplied to the IP in November 2011, up till now, there have been 10 projects coming into operation in Nhon Hoa IP.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long, Deputy Director of Dai Viet Company Ltd. let us know, “At first, when the company had decision to invest in Nhon Hoa IP, the leaders of Nhon Hoa IP Infrastructure Company have created adequate service conditions such as power supply, water supply, infrastructure, area which are the best conditions for secondary investors.”


The first phase of Nhon Hoa IP with the investment of VNĐ 135 billion on the area of 107 hectares has basically finished in infrastructure construction. With the definition that sewage processing has the most important role, Nhon Hoa IP Infrastructure Company has invested nearly VNĐ 11 billion to build up a sewage treatment plant. Moreover, since October 2012, the company has started the first phase extension with the area of nearly 43 hectares and total capital investment of VNĐ 92 billion. At the moment, the company is concentrating with all working machines to finish the work items such as ground grading and internal traffic system building. Expectedly, by the middle of 2013, the most basic working items will be finished construction in order that the secondary investors will have areas to set up workshops and factories.

Mr. Dinh Van Phuoc, Chairman of Nhon Hoa IP Infrastructure Company board of directors says, “We are investing on ground grading, traffic system and water drainage system. Expectedly, by the month of June 2013, we will finish about 60% ~ 70% the work, so the secondary investors will set up their projects right away.”

Together with clear procedures, advantages and convenient conditions from Binh Dinh Economic Zone Authority, positive infrastructure construction is the important element in effectively attracting secondary investors in Nhon Hoa IP. This is continuously being affirmed with the hope in spring days that there will be more and more factories in Nhon Hoa IP coming into operation which will upgrade our provincial industrial producing value in the near future.

Dang Nguyen Phuc (Source: http://kktbinhdinh.vn/default.asp?id=1&ID_tin=200)