Nhon Hoa IZ improves infrastructure to boost investment attraction

Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone has attracted so far 26 domestic and foreign investment projects with total leased land area of nearly 120 hectares, taking up more than 82% of the IZ’s land leased area in Phase 1.

Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone.

Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone.

Out of the 26 projects, 6 are foreign investment ones and the rest 20 are domestic investment ones, with total registered capital of nearly VND 22,500 billions. 20 businesses has finished construction of their premises and came into operation while other 4 businesses are constructing their factories. Industries at the IZ include manufacturing and processing food of animal feed, processing of agricultural produces and forest products, manufacturing of steel pipes, automobile assembly and repairing, services and fertilizer manufacturing.

The Nhon Hoa IZ has built its infrastructure more quickly than other industrial zones in Binh Dinh Province – said Mr. Man Ngoc Ly, head of Management Board of Binh Dinh Economic Zones. Construction of technical infrastructure at the Nhon Hoa IZ in Phase 1 has completed, including a water supply station with capacity of 2,000 cubic metres per day and night, a waste water treatment central station with capacity of 1,000 cubic metres per day and night, an internal road system, a waste water collection system, a water supply system, a street light system, a telecommunication network, a power line for construction and manufacturing, fences, main gates. The technical infrastructure has created favourable conditions for the businesses to build their premises and efficiently improve their manufacturing performance.

With aims to satisfy investment needs to Binh Dinh in the coming years, Nhon Hoa Industrial Zone Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company is pushing up progress rate of expanding the IZ in Phase 2 with total additional leased land of approximately 150 hectares. The expansion is expected to finish by 2018.

The Nhon Hoa IZ is part of planning on industrial zone development to 2015, vision to 2020 approved by Prime Minister. Its total planning area is nearly 300 hectares and its total construction cost is nearly VND 562 billions, in which more than VND 196 billions is covered by government budget and the rest VND 365 billions is paid by the investor.

Nguyen Han